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Connecticut PE Stamp Overview

PE stamps in Connecticut are regulated by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, Architectural Licensing Board to ensure the authenticity and accountability of engineering work. In this blog post, we will summarize the key requirements for Connecticut PE stamps.

Connecticut Code Reference: The requirements for Connecticut PE stamps are outlined in the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies (RCSA). The specific section that covers PE stamps is:

  • RCSA 20-300-10a: Seals

Stamp Size and Design – The Connecticut PE stamp must meet the following size and design requirements:

SizeThe stamp shall be 1.5 inches in diameter.
DesignThe stamp shall bear the licensee’s name, license number, and the legend “Professional Engineer.”
StateThe stamp shall include the words “State of Connecticut” at the top.
BranchThe stamp may include the branch or discipline of engineering below the license number.

Other Important Information:

  1. Signing and Sealing: All final engineering documents must be signed and stamped by the licensee in responsible charge of the work.
  2. Electronic Signatures: The use of electronic signatures and digital seals is permitted, provided they meet the requirements set forth by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, Architectural Licensing Board.
  3. Out-of-State Licensees: PEs licensed in other states must obtain a Connecticut PE license to practice engineering in Connecticut and use the Connecticut PE stamp on their documents.
  4. Stamp Ownership: The PE stamp is the property of the licensee and must be under their control. It is the licensee’s responsibility to prevent unauthorized use of their stamp.
  5. Stamp Usage: The PE stamp should only be used on documents that have been prepared by the licensee or under their responsible charge. Misuse of the stamp may result in disciplinary action.

By adhering to these requirements, Connecticut PEs can ensure compliance with state regulations and maintain the integrity of their professional work. It is essential to stay informed about any updates or changes to the Connecticut PE stamp requirements by regularly reviewing the RCSA section mentioned above.

For more detailed information, please refer to the official website of the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, Architectural Licensing Board at

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